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My Skin Bubby - $249.99

MYSKINBUDDY is the revolutionary facial device that utilizes four proven technologies to help you achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone, and a more youthful appearance. It's a spa treatment at home created by an aesthetician. It's safe enough to use daily.

FOUR PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES; Ultrasonic Vibration, Ion Care, Photon LED therapy, Thermal Heat Therapy

• Enhance product penetration
• Reduce redness and inflammation
• Stimulate collagen renewal and skin rejuvenation
• Deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate dead skin cells
• Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores
• Kills P. acnes bacteria that leads to acne formation

    No returns or refunds, 1 year manufacturer defect warranty .

Eye Rejuvenator - $130

Awaken tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and eliminate dark under eye circles with safe, relaxing, and quick & easy micro-current treatments. The Eye Rejuvenator uses scientifically proven micro current technology to increase oxygen and blood circulation and to improve the fibroblast activity which speeds up natural collagen production to the delicate eye area while also increasing the product permeability of eye creams and serums to further enhance their effectiveness. This treatment is as much preventative for anti-aging as it is corrective for age reversal.

• Reduces dark circles, eye puffiness and under-eye bags
• Soothes tired eyes
• Increases blood circulation
• Boosts eye cream penetration

    No returns or refunds, 2 year manufacturer defect warranty .

Clareblend MINI Microcurrent (facial toning) - $319

Microcurrent facial toning increases circulation for skin health, increases collagen and elastin production, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tones the skin and enhances product penetration. This small, hand-held device is based on professional microcurrent systems providing quality and effectiveness. Recommended for clients in between professional treatments, not as a substitute. Choose Your Color from solid Blue, Violet mixed with Pink or solid Black. Includes travel bag, mini device, conductive gel, AC adapter, manual, instructions and 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Contraindications for microcurrent include: cardiac pacemakers, seizures, epilepsy, metal implants, skin irritation, cancer, and pregnancy.

No returns or refunds, The Mini has a one year manufacturer's warranty please resister your unit with them at http://clareblend.info/mini-warranty-registration/ .